West Cork Property Maps with Google

Recent followers of the West Cork Property scene who have been looking at our website in recent months will note that we have taken to providing helpful maps for those out-of-the-way properties (and there are quite a few of them, there’s no doubt).

I just thought I’d explain a little bit better so that people may understand better the workings of the thing, because the feedback I get from many is that they don’t quite realise just how useful these maps are. I think, in fact, that some people are a little intimidated by them.

First of all, there’s nothing to be afraid of (just in case you are). The map shows you exactly where the property is, marked by a blue marker thingy. The map is completely interactive, so you can use it to view the whole world if you want and you’ve the choice to see it in satellite photo mode, map mode or as a sort-of animated-style relief mode, showing you representations of hills and so forth.

If you click on the blue thingy, a menu bubble pops up and offers you directions on how to get there. So you can do this, get driving directions from wherever you live and then you can print them off. It even gives you an estimate of how long it will take you to drive there.

So, there you are – don’t fear the map as it’s a handy tool for showing how to get to the West Cork property you’re interested in

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