Motivation Means Business!

The property market in the Bantry Bay Area performed better than expected during the first half of 2008, so says Denis Harrington, Managing Director of Harrington Estates.

“Despite an uncertainty in the national building and banking forecasts, and accepting that property values are in transition, there has been a healthy number of sales to families relocating to the area. In our experience the main reason for these successful transactions is that by and large the purchasers were negotiating with highly motivated vendors.”

Denis goes on to say

“We believe that we live in the finest part of the country and by extension, the best place in the world. Potential buyers are motivated to come here at all times, so it stands to reason if they can be matched up with equally motivated sellers then it makes our professional duties a good deal more straightforward.”

Harrington Estates are forecasting 2 to 3 more years of transition however they are seeing very good opportunities arising for buyers and sellers alike. Having seen the market in the Bantry Bay area peak in the early half of 2006 there is a feeling that it may involve a five year cycle from that point in time to bring about a new balance and a return to steady growth, but unlikely to be as rapid as witnessed between 2002 and 2006.

So if you are thinking of buying continue to look at and if you are seriously thinking of selling contact us and we will attempt to match your home up with a motivated purchaser.

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