Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessment

Since 01st January 2007, all new homes for which planning permission has been applied for must have a BER Certificate.

As of 01st January 2009 every dwelling being offered for sale or rent has to have a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate by law.

This requires a BER Assessor calling to the property in question & examines all rooms, walls, doors, windows, chimneys, boilers, air vents etc to assess the energy efficiency of the house. At the end of the assessment a BER Certificate will be issued & a report will be provided to the homeowner outlining ways in which the energy efficiency can be improved in the home. The BER is expressed in the form of performance bands “A1” being the most energy efficient to “G3” being the least energy efficient. We have compiled a list of BER Assessors in this area.

Some Energy Tips For Your Home

  • Insulate your attic – up to 25% of heat can be lost through the roof.
  • CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) use 5 times less electricity.
  • Fit a lagging jacket to your hot water cylinder keeps water hotter for longer.
  • Timer switch on the immersion heater.
  • Don’t leave electric appliances on standby mode i.e. TV’s, DVD players, music system etc. by turning off appliances can save you as much as 25% on your annual electricity bill.
  • Purchase “A” rated electrical appliances for your Kitchen.
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room.
  • Defrost your freezer at least every 6 months as letting frost build up in the freezer compartment increases energy consumption.
  • Turn central heating down by 1 degree.
  • Close curtains at night as this can help reduce heat loss.
  • Visit or for more energy saving tips.
  • Grants Available
    (Greener Homes Scheme / Residential Renewable Energy Grants).
    The Greener Homes Scheme Grant is currently available and provides assistance to homeowners who wish to purchase a renewable energy heating system for their existing home. The scheme is administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland and aims to increase the use of sustainable energy technologies within Irish homes.

    The grants are available to householders who invest in renewable energy based heating systems under the categories listed below.

  • Solar heating
  • Heat Pump
  • Wood chip or Pellet stoves
  • Wood chip or Pellet boilers
  • Wood gasification boilers
  • Visit for up to-date information on grants available & grant payment procedures etc.

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